The Intimate Aspie - Sociosexual Skills for Adults with Asperger's (Marsh)

The Intimate Aspie
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Dr. Marsh is making this course available for only $30 during the month of August. 

Course Description

A comprehensive 6-part course for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome or other autism traits who would like to learn more about human sexual behavior and to improve their social, dating, and sexual skills.

Topics include

  • basic social communication skills;
  • dating
  • sex and hygiene
  • human sexuality 101 and 201
  • safe sex 
  • sexual pleasure 
  • avoiding unsafe situations 
  • basic gender issues 
  • intimate communication. 

Learning materials include 

  • 6 hours of recorded webinars
  • guided reading and supplemental resources
  • practical exercises 
  • class discussion board to ask questions and interact with Dr. Marsh and other participants on a variety of topics
  • and a bonus live webinar with Dr. Marsh on sexuality and Asperger's.  

Home study is required to get the most from this course. Participants are encouraged to make an "operating manual" for self-understanding.


Session 1: Sexual Human Rights & Values

  • Introduction & Confidentiality.
  • Making a personal “operating manual” for self-understanding. Materials needed - notebook with 10 dividers (see assignment below).
  • Sexual attitudes and values.
  • Basic Sexuality 101 - sexual rights.
  • Basic gender education--sex roles, gender diversity and expression, transsexual and transgender issues.
Session 2: Sensory Integration
  • Operating manual discussion.
  • Sensory integration.
  • Basic sexual preference education: heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual, polysexual, queer, asexual, objectum sexual, etc.
  • Choosing the types of relationships, partners, and intimacy structures that are right for you: single life, traditional marriage, monogamy, non-monogamy, kink, tantra, etc.
Session 3 - Social Communication & Dating
  • Operating manual discussion.
  • Basic social communication skills and cues.
  • Dating.
Session 4: Basic Sex Ed
  • Operating manual discussion.
  • Basic sex education and hygiene.
  • Human Sexuality 101: Safe Sex, STIs.
Session 5: Sexual Pleasure & Safety
  • Operating manual discussion
  • Sexual pleasure: Pleasuring yourself, pleasuring a partner
  • Avoiding exploitative or unsafe situations
  • Human Sexuality 201
Session 6: Intimacy with Partners
  • Operating manual discussion
  • Communicating with an intimate partner
  • Handling conflict with an intimate partner
  • Pleasuring a partner
  • Human Sexuality 201, continued
Bonus Session 7: Live webinar with Dr. Marsh on Asperger's Syndrome and Sexuality.
  • Scheduled as needed with students.

Who Can Benefit from This Class?

  • Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome or other autism traits who want to better understand human sexual behavior and learn skills to improve their social, dating, and sexual relationships.
  • Those who have a partner, friend, or client with Asperger's and want a better understanding of the challenges they face in relationships. 


Amy Marsh, EdD, DHS, ACS, CH, CI  is a board certified clinical sexologist and consulting hypnotist, sex writer, sex educator, and associate professor of sexology at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) in San Francisco. She holds Doctor of Education (EdD) and Doctor of Human Sexuality (DHS) degrees from IASHS and is a certified by AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) as a sex counselor.

As a clinical sexologist and hypnotist, Dr. Marsh has a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the founder of the  Intimate Hypnosis Training Center. She is a KAP (kink-aware professional)-listed practitioner, and welcomes sexual and gender diversity. Dr. Marsh is also a certified hypnosis instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

She has presented at several conferences on a variety of sex and gender-related topics, including the American Counseling Association Pre-conference Learning Institutes, Gender Spectrum, Gender Odyssey, and the Pacific Rim International Conference on Disabilities.

Currently the host of "Ask Dr. Amy" on Romance Talk Radio, Dr. Marsh has also appeared on "Good Morning America," "The Tyra Banks Show," and two National Geographic Taboo "Forbidden Love" episodes, one which aired first in 2011, and one in the fall of 2012. She has also appeared on mainstream radio and internet podcasts.

Dr. Marsh has published twice in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality. She is one of several writers featured in the upcoming Transitions of the Heart - Stories of Love, Struggle, and Acceptance by Mothers of Transgender and Gender Variant Children, edited by Rachel Pepper. Her weekly column, "Love's Outer Limits," is still found on (Oct. 2009-Oct. 2010). She has blogged for YourTango Experts, Jezebel, and Wordpress and is a regular contributor to Good Therapy Expert Blogs and Sex Your Brain.

Dr. Marsh has also written and published several publications on MagCloud, including: The Intimate Aspie; There's More: A Parent's Guide to Alternative Sexualities, Sex Without Solvents - Professional and Personal Perspectives on Ecosexology, and Entrancing - A Handbook for Sexological and Erotic Hypnotism. These publications are used in some of her courses here on Creative Sexuality. Dr. Marsh loves teaching, sex, client work, and writing—in no particular order..

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